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Hello everyone out there!

Today we decided to start over new. To somehow start new. Of course the goal that we wanted to reach with this Blog won’t actually change but the style, the posts and there will be more pictures. –> wich you can see already now…

Anyhow, we didn’t really know what to talk about today. We are just hanging out right now. Just chillin’ (;

I’m going to call this kind of blogpost (where me and c. talk about a specific topic) ‘Talking BS’ right now. Even though we don’t talk about bullshit but about serious topics or at least we will try.

Today’s topic is going to be MEDIA!

I’m going to be the one interviewing C. today!

So C., what is the kind of media you use the most?

(: Nice topic, r! Well, i think it is the computer…. Nowadays you can do nearly everything on the internet or you have to do it like doing research for school, etc…. And of course, facebook is also very popular and everyone uses it and when you don’t have your own profile it seems more and more that you can’t get up with all what’s happening. Don’t you think so, too? On the one hand it is really useful that you can do so many things because of facebook but on the other hand, to me,  it’s kind of creepy what happens there…. We actually don’t really know what exactly is going on there and for what our datas are used but noone seems to care about it… though everyone talks about the dangers of it. Do you understand that? I don’t but i have to say that i use facebook  very often anyways. (;

I get what you mean… I’ve heard many things about the risks of facebook and the commercials etc. but mostly it’s like this: I read about the risks, i think: ‘Oh S*** but anyways, it won’t happen to me’ and that’s that. No really. I’m scared sometimes but on the other hand I don’t really care.

Next question: Which kind of magazines do you prefer? And why?

To be honest, recently i’ve read magazines like “instyle” and “vogue” –  you can imagine why (; I’m impressed of the fashion and styles presented there and also of the way the magazines are built up. And it’s not only because of the fashionpart why i read this magazines but also because i like to check the commercials and how the products are presented. This has also the advantage that i don’t have to read that much because during the schoolyear i don’t have that much time to read. And when i have the time to read something, i prefer books instead of magazines (; While reading them i can relax and enjoy the story like a short holiday of the reality…

I totally agree with almost everything you said (; When I have time to read I prefer books, too. But i really like to read fashion magazines as well because you really only need to look at the pictures to be inspired.

Moving on to question number 3: What do you do WHILE you are reading, surfing on the internet, watching TV? E.g. eating, etc…

Haha yeah, you’re right. Either eating chocolate (but during the last few weeks it got fewer…)  or nearly always listening to music. I really like that because it makes it more fun and relaxing.. But when i watch TV i don’t do anything. I just watch and laugh and let my mind go free… Maybe it seems stupid but for me it is important to have some time where i don’t think at all. Then i just sit around and look around and relax or watch my favourite TV-show… of course you can’t think nothing but at least i dont’t think about anything – when i think something then just because it came to my mind in that second. You know what i mean? And this is what i need when i  come home from school because then my brain is totally tired of thinking.

I see (: Okay so I guess that’s it for today! You see, this wasn’t really informative which shows that the name of this blogpost is kind of true but at least you know something about our opinions on media!

We hope you liked it and here are some pictures to brighten up this post:



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