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well this was quite an… interesting day. no not interesting maybe it’s better when i say it how it really was: shit. no not the day but what happened that day. just some bad things but this was enough to make that day a bad day.

i think everyone has sometimes a bad day. even if it’s just a bad-hair-day 😛 and i think many other people agree with me: no one need this bad days…!

today was really a horror. you know the earthquake in new zealand… and two or more bad accidents on the autobahn(highway)… and there are still some disturbances in Libya… this are just the bad things that happened in the public/world.

for me this day wasn’t nice either. first of all i still have a cold. and then there were some arguments i wished i could have avoided. they were really silly…. (i guess you know what i mean because you all have friends or parents or bros and sis’ and you all have sometimes an argument. but sometimes it’s the best to just say what you think about something even if the other person doesn’t like it… that stuff.) and there were problems, too, which i couldn’t solve yet… unfortunately…


but doesn’t have every bad day some good moments, too?

today we all had just until 13:10 school:) that was really great! and the weather was quite nice: very sunny and no clouds in the sky… but very, very cold…

well and i’m planning my birthday-party:) in physics i’ve got a good idea but i have to talk to my parents first… but i’m not sure if this is the “great idea” for my birthday-party.

if you got some ideas just comment… thanks:)

so have a nice day… 😉


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