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Hey guys!

Well, you know what it’s like to be a student, right? So please forgive us that we don’t write so often… School is kind of busy these days…

But now I have to write a post – because it’s so “unfu**ing fassbar”, so wonderful extraordinary and simply magic!

Do you know the “Flying Steps”? It’s a dance group which has won 4 times the WC in b-boying.


Do you know Bach? I mean “Johann Sebastian Bach”?

Well and do you think that they fit together??

No?? Me neither at first. But then I saw this commercial:


And you know what?! I was hooked! Completely.

I wanted to know what it would be like. So a friend of mine and I made a gift to r. to go there! RED BULL FLYING BACH!

It was last friday that we went there – and it was amazing! SIMPLY MAGIC! Classical music and B-boying fits together – who would have known it?! It was such a wonderful event, we really were and still are so excited of this show! And we can only recommend it to you with all our heart!

An other really striking notice is that there were so different kinds of people… Families with their little children, friends, couples, old people, young people, dance-groups, … and so on. So don’t just think the show isn’t something for you! It’s a show for EVERYONE! And everyone likes it, I’m sure!

To give you something to watch:

The “Red Bull Flying Bach” show on the EuroVision Song Contest 2011:


And a video about how and why they started this project:


And the link of their website:


Enjoy it and go to the show!!!

Love, c. ♥