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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hello everyone & all you dear readers who maybe will exist one day (:,

finally the time has come to share another fantastic post that includes an even more fantastic message: 


I am so superkalifragilistischexpialigetisch excited for this great little trip. The wonderful woman who makes this come true is my grandma who I would like to thank with this post! She always makes my stays at her home a wonderful experience and the last time – more than one year ago – when c. and me visited her we had a wonderful time, too!

Alora, we are going to experience a great and fun little weekend there, including the fantastic Christkindlsmarkt and so much more !! Of course we are going to use the time to think about the future of our blog and of course the future of our swedish house/home ! 

We are going to post some pictures,too and we’re going to keep you updated with our plans ! 

I hope you are having a great time ALL THE TIME ! 

Much love, swedishhome :*




salut….. öhhh… ihr viiiiieleiicht noch wisst… ööh r. eet moiii wolltöön einöön petit post en franzöösiiisch schreiben. alors… hiiiier er ist…!

😀 es iiist seeehr lüstig darüber zu schreibön, dass wir öhh…. un petit post schreibön wolltööön.

d’accord. mon chien est près de mooiii 🙂 et elle sourit 😀 öh könnön hündö lächeln huh? ISCH NISCHT WEIß….!

aböör das ist niiischt schliimm. denn ich ‘aböö (habe 😀 ) un chien! süüüper non?! oui oui je sais! c’est enorme! 😀

malheureusement… isch ‘abön keinö a’nung, was isch schreibön solltööö…. aberr. c’est la vie!

ahhhh… il y a beaucoup de mots que j’adore…. öh kann mann öhhh paardon öh frau das sagön?? ISCH NISCHT WEIß!

je ne sais pas! ou lala !

bon week-end mes amours!!!!!!

bises, swedishhome! ❤