r. is going to the……………………………………..USA!!!!!!!

so pay attention: r. is coming and she’s going to turn your world upside down!!! 😉

well i know that she’s looking forward to it and i know that she is going to have lots of fun over there! her family in the U.S. is very nice and cool and she loves them like they love her. OHHHHHHHHH! tomorrow you’re going to be there r.!!!


i’ll miss you so much! very much!

you know what? how about a post-run with you being in america and me being in germany?? i think that would be quite cool… 😉 i know you won’t have so much time there but you know what? me neither over here!!! ;D

so when you have time you can write a post if you like to. and when i have time i’m going to write a post, too!

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I MISS YOU ALREADY!! you are leaving me all alone in maths! 😦

and here’s a song that was in my mind when i wrote the heading of this post… 😉

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB-z6MwTLeI       😀

have fun and come back save and sound!! BIG LOVE! ♥


@ you readers: well now you know what we’re planning for our next posts… but we haven’t forgotten about the different slang-posts! we are going to keep up with them!! thank you for reading!!!

and you know what? this blog isn’t anymore only about our dream (of course this is the main part because it was the beginning of this all) but this blog is now something like our friendship-diary!! …. 🙂