uhhh! monday is valentines day!! ♥yay!

i love this day!! like 1 million other people i guess;) but i think this day is worth liking it! i mean it’s a day of love, you go out with your boyfriend or husband (and for the boys/men out there: girlfriend/wife) give him or her a little present and just have fun and be in love! it’s so romantic… 🙂

but i guess someday you don’t know what to do on this special day. well i know that there are some of you that don’t know what they could do on monday. so here some tips:

♥ what does your girlfriend/boyfriend like? maybe a nice necklace or a bracelet with your names or a heart(okay this is a tip for girls;))? or does she/he like something handmade? than let me think… you could tinker a picture frame and put a great picture of you two in it. or you could tinker a necklace/bracelet…

♥ does your girlfriend/boyfriend like surprises? than think of somewhere to go… maybe for dinner. and don’t tell her/him about it. than you go there (maybe you blindfold her/him first) and then you have a fantastic and romantic evening!

♥ohhhh and for the boys: when you want to take further steps in your relationship: this is the perfect day to do it!! just think of it when you want to marry your girlfriend and you propose to her on valentine’s day – the day of love… ohh so romantic!! i can tell you: we girls like it when it’s romantically:) [it’s also great when you do it on an event when she doesn’t anticipate it. it’s the most wonderful way you could propose! i know some who did it and it was sooo wonderful!]

♥ the most important tip is: just do what you want to do. just do what she or he wants to do. just be yourself!!


[well this are tips that maybe everyone could give you… but i really wanted to make a post about valentine’s day. so forgive me when i bored you.]