today was a fairytale… r was in heaven – in heaven number 7!! she’s really freaked out about a really cute and really  good-looking and really nice and cute…. and so on boy!! wow i’m actually a little bit pissed off!! always oooooh he’s sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuutttte!!!! AAAHHHH! Help me!!! What can i do to stop it??


well i’m just happy and c thinks that one day there will be the right guy f she just sits there and waits for it. are you kidding me ? Of course you meet him when you don’t think of it. that happened to me and he is HE IS SOO ADORABLE! so c could sit there and NOT WAIT FOR IT and when she sees him she will act like me. OOOOHHHHHHH !!!!

what do you think c. ? you have to freak out about someone’s cuteness to feel awesome, even though you only think someone’s cute !

it’s fun to freak out!


okay i think you’re right:)

well i listened just a moment ago to their lovestory:) i have to say it’s really cute but wow they were sooo young when they first met!! and then there was a long silence between them (actually for a year or so) because she wasn’t sure if she had wanted him as a boyfriend… but you have to know that to that time she was like today : oooooh so cute!!!

and now she said that she thinks that she wouldn’t have fun like this when he would be her boyfriend…. soooooooo a little bit …. i don’t know … scary?? crazy???

i love you very much my crazy friend:)♥ c. +

so what ??????? 

first of: it’S not a lovestory hun !


do you want to say i was immature  i’m still because i still say oooooooh!



i’m pretty sure that some grannys sit on a bench in a park and say ooooooh! when a cute granddad passes.

HA! what do you say now ?

and do you want to be boring for the rest of your life and when you are in love (which i am NOT I’m just freaking out about his cuteness) you say:

Well, he seems to be gentle and nice. I think he is quite smart and he looks pretty good. THAT’S IT.

is that how you want to end up?

girls just wanna have fun!

[girls who freak out like that are not immature, they are smart young women who are having fun. and maybe you are ending up alone (with some really fun friends like me)]

by the way i know (1OO percent) you won’t end up alone bc you are a gorgeous smart fun girl who actually thinks like me when she meets him.

♥ and x you

ohhhh nooooo!!!

“but you have to know that to that time she was like today : oooooh so cute!!!” with this  sentence i just wanted to say that your FEELINGS FOR HIM were that time the same like today and like that time you are still the opinion that … well you don’t know if you want him to be your boyfriend.

YOU ARE NOT IMMATURE!!! You’ve got it the wrong way. like you see what i wrote back there. sooooo here is what i think about YOU:

you are a really smart, wonderful girl that knows what she wants and who says (or writes :D) what she thinks!! and like that wasn’t enough you have sooo wonderful eyes you can dance like a popstar and you can sing and playing the piano AND you are my friend!! my very very soulmate friend!! my swedishhome-team:) i love you♥

and here is what I think about you :

You are absolutely fantastic, you will have a fantastic husband and he has one of the best wifes in the whole wide world 🙂 Because you are wonderful, pretty, smart, fantastic and an absolutely amazing soulmate for me.

I love you and I will always do. 🙂 ❤