hi guys! we wish you all a happy new year! we hope you all had a good party!

and this year we started to look for some houses in sweden that are sold. we know that we can’t buy a house now – of course not with only 34€ 😀 but we wanted to look if there was a house that we would like to have.

and we couldn’t believe it: there are two houses that seem to be perfect for us!! one is near a lake and so sweet! it’s small but fab! and then the other house: it is called “Villa Kunterbunt”. it is near a river and so wonderful! it’s a little bit bigger than the other house but it’s really nice. it seems to be a house from a fairytale!! when we saw it we both said “aaaahhhhhwww! it’s so cute!!” we both decided: this has to be our house!

but unfortunately we don’t have enough money… it’s really sad. but we work for a house like this, this year!! that’s our dream!!!!

we want to realize our dream – what do you want to realize?? (comment)

thank you all for reading 🙂 xoxo