well today it’s the 2. december! wuhuw! i love the little presents like chocolate and cookies 🙂 –> don’t you think that “cookies” is a really funny word? just say it as fast as possible – it’s reeeaally funny…. well maybe the german “keks” is more funny but who cares?!

so after all the yak of cookies: it’s christmas time, it’s cookie time:) sooo here are some of my favourite cookie-recipes:

first of all: choco-crunchys (sorry i don’t know if it’s correct in english…)

it’s really simple and just fantastic! they taste wonderful chocolate and crunchy like 😀

so just put in a big bowl a pack of “corn flakes”(cereal) and maybe some almonds. then heat couverture (choose your favourite one) and put it into the bowl, too. mix it and then put little bunches with a spoon onto a baking tray. now you just have to put it outdoors to cool it… just wait and wait till they are firm and then just enjoy eating them!

my other favourite cookies are just the normal shortbread biscuits. you can stamp some little stars or christmas trees out of it. and then you can  decorate them!! it’s real fun! 🙂 try it with some friends – i promise you’ll laugh a lot!!

soo have a nice 2. december!! thanks for reading!