hey guys

this post is finally again in english. sooo… today was our first day of school after the fall-vacations. it was nice to see all our friends again but i think we’d liked to disclaim some teachers ;P

this day was a little different from the other normal and boring school days – today was the sweat pants-day!

unfortunately there weren’t so many who joined it and wore sweat pants to school… but well not everyone has facebook (where r. published it), has he/she?!

there was something today what made me – and a lot of other students – really mad:

the headteacher announced that we, the classes from the upper stage: 13. , 12. , and our year, have to clean the assembly hall!! 

well it’s true that it’s in the afternoon pretty dirty and it’s an unreasonable demand that the cleaning-crew has to clean up this mud…

but there is one thing to consider: our year isn’t actually allowed to go into the assembly hall in conformity with the headteacher! so why do we have to clean it up, too???!!!!

what do you think about this? isn’t this really unfair??? comment!

wow – welcome back to normal 😀

okay we will try to write more posts in english and we will add our story in english soon 😉

when you want to have more pictures from nürnberg just comment!

and please don’t forget: when you have a fantastic idea how we will get more money write us a short mail (hausinschweden@gmx.net) or comment!!

xoxo ♥